In seconds from inquiry to quote for coaters

Get precise coating pricing in no time, using your own specifications. 
Evaluate 3D data, calculate surfaces, and adjust prices on the fly.

Get precise coating pricing in no time, using your own specifications. Evaluate 3D data, calculate surfaces, and adjust prices on the fly.

Take your calculation to the next level!

You calculate by area, product carrier, weight, throughput or individually like no other? Whether it's painting, powder coating or other processes - we map your individual costing rules 100%.

So that every employee calculates blazing fast and repeatable ..

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Calculate in seconds & impress every customer

Coating expertise meets digitalization.
A software solution that revolutionizes the inquiry process for coaters. 
The future of the surface industry.

Calculation Framework
Your surcharges

All your markups will be taken into account and applied automatically.

Clipboard Finished
Your rules

Your costing specifications apply across the company and then work on autopilot for you.

Direction Correction
Decision guidance

Your calculation guides you and your employees. Calculate simply, clearly and comprehensively.

Time and Money
Saves time and money

Reduce calculation time from minutes to seconds. ~75% buy from the fastest supplier.

Our mission

At surface solutions, we have a clear mission: to give job coaters not just a tool, but a competitive advantage.

Our software is more than just a tool: It is a comprehensive decision guidance tool, that supports the entire inquiry process.

From the fastest calculation on the market to visualization - we are the key to optimizing your processes. So you can focus on what you do best: Creating excellent surfaces.

Time and Money

Your daily work tool

Portal 1
Portal 1
PRO Calc

Dein Tool für die interne Kalkulation


Dein Tool für die Anfrageerfassung


Alle deine Statistiken auf einem Blick


Alle deine persönlichen Einstellungen

Internal calculation

Web inquiries

Regular customers


Our core technology

The surface solutions portal is your daily tool as a coater. From the inquiry to the offer, your daily work is improved and accelerated. All information comes together here.

TOP Features

3D Upload

You no longer need to calculate manually. Just upload 3D files and get the price in seconds.

Product carrier

Your specifications on how to calculate apply company-wide and then work on autopilot for you.

Artificial intelligence

More sales with AI by determining prices in record time because ~ 75% buy from the fastest supplier.

Your advantages

Stopwatch Speed
Calculate in record time

Get a decision basis within seconds

Flicking Hand
100% control

The tool calculates according to your specifications and you remain in control

Knowledge transfer

Teaching new employees how to calculate? A piece of cake!

Price Calculation
Reproducible prices

No matter who or how often calculations are made. Rules guarantee comparability

Offer sent
Automatic offers

Generate a quote with the push of a button

Calculation Framework
Automatic surcharges

Surcharges are automatically added at the correct position

Our solution packages

Inquiry capture

Inquiry capture

Serve ongoing & regular customers

Customers can check prices 24/7 and are no longer tied to office hours. Turn your website into a powerful sales channel and reduce your customers' waiting time to zero. Use digitalization to give your customers what they want - an instant price!


In-house calculation

In-house calculation made simple

With ProCalc, your employees only calculate according to your specifications and you keep a complete overview at all times. From now on, everyone in your team can perform complex calculations. Use the tool to be able to give live price information during phone calls and never forget markups again.


What clients say about us:

Bader Pulverbeshichtung
"With surface solutions, we are actively moving forward to strengthen our position as a technology leader and also to be perceived as a lighthouse in service.

The cooperation with surface solutions is very constructive and based on a high level of understanding for the surface.
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Matthias Bader
CEO, BADER Pulverbeschichtung / Bader powdercoating


Mehr als sicher! Die Verschlüsselung deiner Daten erfolgt auf Militärstandard. Du hast jederzeit die volle Kontrolle und entscheidest, welche Kalkulationsdaten in welcher Form verwendet werden.

Of course, the tools in the portal can also be used individually. You can focus more on internal calculation with ProCalc or on request entry with Web & FlexCalc.

However, once the calculation has been digitized, the basis for all applications has been created. That's why we recommend thinking about an overarching workflow to provide the best possible support for the company.

YOUR calculation. Your rules, your surcharges and other individual factors are taken into account by us! Thanks to many discussions, we have also been able to achieve a broad (and deep) calculation know-how, so it is not unlikely that we have already digitized many of your rules.

No matter which methods you use and which parameters are important for you - as long as you can put your calculation into rules, it can be digitized.

Thanks to our experience, it is also possible to map the "gut feeling" to a certain extent. To ensure reproducible and meaningful calculation, we thoroughly recommend using uniform rules (and exceptions prove the rule).

For this purpose, we are happy to bring suggestions in order to cast the empirical values into meaningful rules.

Yes! We offer a REST - API, through which ERP's PPS' and accounting systems can receive our data and process it directly.

We want to keep the barrier to entry as low as possible - Thus, we distance ourselves from high annual service fees and setup fees.

Wir setzen auf das SAAS (Software as a Service) Modell, wo bereits ab einem niedrigen monatlichen Betrag unsere Tools verwendet werden können. Jeder erhält GRATIS Zugang zu den neuesten Updates und die Rahmenbedingungen können jedes Monat angepasst werden.

Do the expert check for your calculation and save time & money!

Start now and optimize your calculation!

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