Exclusively for regular customers: Individual price calculation for your top customers.

Customized prices, maximum satisfaction, automatically calculated.
Flex Calc; if individual coating requests incl. surcharges and customer discounts
are directly calculated in real time by the customer on a dedicated web page.


Here the customer information is defined


Customer-specific conditions are managed here


Individual statistics reveal more about customer behavior

Customer loyalty redefined.
Calculation, as precise and simple as never before!

FLEX Calc, your exclusive regular customer portal. Customized prices, individual calculations and a service that inspires. Offer your best customers the opportunity to calculate prices on their terms around the clock. A tool that not only creates trust and customer loyalty, but also makes everyday life easier. For you and your customers.


Personalized prices for the most loyal customers.

Regular customer exclusivity

Tailor-made prices that are specifically designed to meet the needs of your top customers.


24/7 availability

Automatic calculations around the clock, so that your customers can check their prices at any time.
Customers also save time because it takes longer to create an email than it does to use Flex Calc.


Automated calculation

No manual effort: FLEX Calc does the fast and precise price calculation for you.


Exclusive web access

A special portal just for your regular customers, offering them a VIP experience. 
Each customer receives their own secure access, with their own conditions.


Individual discount systems

Factors in special markups and customer discounts in real time for accurate pricing.


Customer-specific statistics

Get insights into the inquiries and needs of your regular customers.


Your advantages

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Calculate in record time

Get a basis for decision within seconds.

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100% control

We calculate according to your specifications and you keep control.

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Knowledge transfer

Teaching new employees how to calculate? A piece of cake!

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Reproducible prices

No matter who or how often it is calculated. It is always calculated in the same way.

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Automatic offers

Create quotes: easier and faster than ever before.

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Surcharges are important. The guided process prevents forgetfulness.

TOP Features

Individual prices per customer

FLEX Calc revolutionizes pricing for your regular customers. Instead of standardized rates, it offers customized prices (even for special parts) that are tailored exactly to the individual needs and requirements of each customer. This not only creates trust and transparency, but also sets your company apart from the competition.


Customer retention

The revolution for your regular customers. Exclusive, customized offers that hit the mark. With FLEX Calc, your most loyal customers get their own access to get prices on their terms, anytime. With FLEX Calc, you strengthen the relationship with your best customers and set new industry standards.

Lightning fast calculation 24/7

FLEX Calc is your 24/7 assistant for lightning-fast calculations. Instead of writing long emails, FLEX Calc allows your regular customers to get customized prices instantly and accurately at any time of the day or night. This service not only ensures satisfied customers, but also positions your company as a modern and efficient market leader. 

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