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All your calculations from PRO, WEB & FLEX Calc

are listed here and can be further edited


Here you can search for specific calculations


Here the calculations can be

edited and created with the PRO Calc


The surface solutions portal is your daily tool as a coater. From the inquiry to the offer, your daily work is improved and accelerated. All information comes together here.

Overview dashboard

Clearly structured dashboard that presents all important data from Web Calc, Flex Calc, Pro Calc & co at a glance.

Portal 1


All previous calculations are clearly listed in the portal. So you can quickly find your calculation again.


3D Viewer

Intuitive representation of objects that facilitates understanding and planning.


System management

Simple and efficient administration of all processes and functions. Users can be invited and managed here.



Seamless integration with other systems (ERP) for a smooth flow of information.

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Your surcharges

All your markups will be taken into account and applied automatically.

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Your rules

Own scale prices, limit values (furnace size, material thickness) can be defined.

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Decision guidance

Your calculation guides you and your employees. Calculate simply, clearly and comprehensively.

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Saves resources

Reduce calculation time from minutes to seconds and delegate more easily and securely than ever before.

TOP Features

3D Upload

You no longer need to calculate yourself or manually and are always reminded of all surcharges.

Once 3D data is available, it can be uploaded to the portal and viewed in the viewer.

Product carrier

Automatic filling of the goods carrier: Items are placed directly and precisely in the goods carrier without manual effort.

Email AI

With our email AI, request content and parameters are transferred directly from your inbox to the portal and automatically integrated into the request table. Data completion included!

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