WEB Calc

Lightning fast, fully automated price calculation 24/7 on your website.
Complete recording of the customer's request. Immediate price determination.
No manual intervention required.


The customer is immediately informed

upon writing the inquiry


In the portal settings 

you have full control over the request capture

Speed pays off:
~75% buy from the fastest supplier!

With WEB Calc your customers get instant pricing directly on your website. They can place their requests 24/7 and get lightning fast prices. Use the tool to offer your customers transparent prices at any time and answer their questions in real time. 

This means that customers not only receive price information around the clock, but you also position yourself as the fastest provider. A decisive advantage in a highly competitive market.

WEB Calc

More inquiries through instant prices on your website.

24/7 availability

Customers can make inquiries at any time, regardless of business hours

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Automatic price info

Instant price info


Easy 3D upload

Customers upload 3D files, WEB Calc calculates the price in real time, 100% according to your specifications.

Time saving

No manual calculations needed, saving valuable working time.


competitive advantage

Calculate faster than your competitors and delight your customer.

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Inquiry efficiency

Put an end to price hunters! Thanks to automation, unnecessary manual calculation is a thing of the past. You focus only on serious inquiries and maximize your success.


Your advantages

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Calculate in record time

Get a basis for decision within seconds.

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100% control

We calculate according to your specifications and you keep control.

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Knowledge transfer

Teaching new employees how to calculate? A piece of cake!

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Reproducible prices

No matter who or how often it is calculated. It is always calculated in the same way.

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Automatic offers

Create quotes: easier and faster than ever before.

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Surcharges are important. The guided process prevents forgetfulness.

TOP Features

24/7 price determination

WEB Calc never sleeps. 24/7, even on weekends, it is ready to perform lightning-fast calculations. While others take a break, it offers your customers reliable price information at any time. An unbeatable service that leaves nothing to be desired.

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Easy 3D uploads

Thanks to 3D data upload in WEB Calc, customers receive precise calculations in a flash. This service speeds up the process enormously and sets you apart from the competition.

competitive advantage

With WEB Calc, you set new standards in competition. Customers are looking for the fastest provider - and with instant price information directly on your website, you're ahead. This speed advantage not only strengthens your position, but also customer loyalty.

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"WEB Calc: Where serious customer inquiries meet efficiency."

Inquiry capture

Inquiry capture

Serve ongoing customers

Customers can check prices 24/7 and are no longer tied to office hours. Turn your website into a powerful sales channel and reduce your customers' waiting time to zero. Use digitalization to give your customers what they want - an instant price!


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